Massively High Damage Exploit for Demon HunterDiablo 3 Cheat

Inflict massive damage as a Demon Hunter in Diablo 3 with this awesome new exploit. You can destroy elite mobs and bosses in record time with this awesome cheat for D3 Demon Hunters!

The Exploit

With the right skill setup and a skill that doesn’t properly remove a buff, you’re able to repeatedly do crazy high damage as a higher level Demon Hunter.

You must be atleast a level 50 Demon Hunter for this to work.  As of patch 1.04, the damage for Trail of Cinders rune for the Vault skill has been majorly increased.  When combine with Sharpshooter passive skill buff, you can repeatedly deal massive damage because Trail of Cinders will not remove the sharpshooter buff.

How to have crazy high damage as a D3 Demon Hunter

  • Select the Vault skill with the skill rune “Trail of Cinders”
  • Select “Sharpshooter” as a passive skill slot.
  • Let your Sharpshooter buff stack as high as it can go.
  • Use the vault skill over an enemy or group of enemies (Works great on elites and bosses)
  • Do not auto attack any mobs, or the sharpshooter buff will be removed.

Additional Tips for insane damage with your Demon Hunter

  • Use the Skill “Smokescreen” with Lingering Fog so you do not take damage from the mobs
  • Use the passive Skill “Perfectionist” and “Night Stalker” for efficient use of Discipline

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Massive Damage on Butcher ExploitDiablo 3 Demon Hunter skills required for massive damage exploit

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