Quickly Complete DP Skill Test

The DP Skill Test quest is called “The [insert class name here] Preceptor’s Task” and is given by your class trainer for both the Elyos and Asmodians. No matter what side or class, the objective of the quest is to use a specific DP skill 10 times. Here we will explore the different ways to complete this, covering the normal, trick, and cheat ways.

Quick Max Stats UO Private Shards

The best way to get stats in UO is by using a variety of skills. For private shards using older rulesets ( i.e., Second Age, or Renaissance ) there are a few tricks you can use to quickly get the stats you desire.

Final Fantasy XIV 14 Open Beta Announced

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MMO Cheats Plus – Launch Day!

Ladies and Gentlemen… that are MMORPG players…. We proudly present to you, MMO Cheats Plus! We’re a brand new community geared toward providing our members with the best and latest cheats, exploits, dupes, bots, you name it, for as many … Continued