Flipping Items From the Trading Post

You can become quite rich in Guild Wars 2 with a simple technique called “flipping” items, buying low and selling high, on the trading post. Enjoy this video for some great Guild Wars 2 Trading Post flipping tricks.

Fast Legal Leveling to Level 90 Trick – WoW

The most simple, quick and legal way to max out your character’s level to 90 in World of Warcraft. With the release of Mists of Pandaria, the level cap has been increased to 90 and with many players having alts, this is an excellent worry-free way to get all of them to 90 painlessly!

Easy 525-600 Herbalism Mists of Pandaria

Use this quick WoW Herbalism Guide for Maxxing Herbalism to 600! With the release of Mists of Pandaria, the skill caps have all been raised, and now you can get 525-600 max herbalism quickly in World of Warcraft!

Solo Any Boss in the Game Exploit

This is a huge exploit for World of Warcraft that allows you to solo any boss in the game. This exploit is new with Mists of Pandaria and is the biggest World of Warcraft exploit since the new expansion!

Max Mining, Essence, Plant Gathering Fast

How to Max out your Mining, Essence and Plant gathering Fast on Tera Lots of times in MMOs like Tera, we level up without giving much notice to crafting or gathering skills.  You may find yourself at near max level … Continued

Nonstop and Fast Item Farming Spot

Use this GW2 Farming guide to pinpoint a spot and technique to literally nonstop farm for items. This guide for Guild Wars 2 farming items won’t just tell you where to go, but a tactic that allows you to literally plow through mobs.

Farm 8k Gold in One Hour

Use this World of Warcaft guide and learn how to Farm 8k gold in just one hour! Your wow gold reserves will pile up so quickly you won’t know what to spend it all on. Start farming 8k an hour in World of Warcraft using this easy guide now!

Ride a Free Mount at Level 1

Why wait when you can be riding a free mount at level 1 using this World of Warcraft free mount exploit! This WoW Exploit is sure to make life easier in the earlier levels.

Huge Advantage in Tournament, Conquest

Guild Wars 2 tips can help you get ahead of the competition and this one helps directly with tournaments. Race ahead of the enemy with this must-have guild wars 2 tournament trick!

Craft and Equip Rank 40 PVP Armor and Weapons Early

This Guild Wars 2 Exploit allows you to craft and equip Rank 40 PVP armor and weapons before you’re rank 40! Any character who can craft and is rank 39 or below can take advantage of this crafting exploit for Guild Wars 2.

Fly Any Mount Exploit

Ever wanted to show off a flying mount in World of Warcraft but didn’t have it yet? Fool your friends and everyone else using this fun exploit to fly any mount in WoW!

Easily Farm 3-4 Gold per Hour Trick

Gold is hard to come by in Guild Wars 2, but using this trick, you can farm anywhere from 3-4 gold per hour! Check this GW2 farming spot and you won’t turn back but enjoying all the guild wars 2 gold you’ll easily get.

Instantly Complete a Level 49 Event

Instantly Complete a Guild Wars 2 Event There is a Guild Wars 2 event/Renown Heart that you can instantly complete. Travel to Blazeridge Steppes The heart on the NE is called “Help Jahr Duskrend disrupt Separatist Activites” There is a … Continued

Invincibility Cheat

An ultimate cheat today comes in the form of a Guild Wars 2 Invincibility Hack! This cheat is truely amazing and will allow you to literally not be hit and take damage. This is different from out other Guild Wars 2 Take No Damage post. This guide will show you how to be invincible in GW2. Unlock God Mode status now! This GW2 invincibility hack works for any level.

MMO Cheats Plus Website has New Features

Hello everyone!  The MMO Cheats Plus team has been hard at work to bring an even better website experience for our members.  These additions(along with the great graphical design) make the MMO Cheats Plus website simply the best looking and … Continued

Very Fast XP for Levels 40 – 80

Use this Guild Wars 2 trick to get from level 40 to 80 super fast! This is a method you can repeat over and over with amazing results. Grab a group of friends and use this awesome GW2 leveling tip!

Fastest Method to Level Jeweler Crafting Skill 1-400

This awesome GW2 Jeweler Leveling Guide will show you how to level your jeweler crafting skill from 1 – 400 using the fastest and easiest method! Start using your maxxed out Guild Wars 2 Jeweler skill to make amazing rings, earrings and necklaces for your GW2 Character! Using this Guild Wars 2 Jeweler Leveling Guide you can be sure you’re using the fastest and best method to level your skill.

Maximize and Save Money at the Auction House

Master the Diablo 3 Auction House and maximize your money to get the most items for you buck. This guide will show you when to buy on what D3 auction house, along with formulas and examples on how to put it in action.

Speed Hack Download

Although the waypoint system in Guild Wars 2 is convenient, there is still a fair amount of running to level and enjoy the game. Use this Guild Wars 2 Speed hack and you’ll be running fast all the time! Like all gw2 speed hacks, don’t over use this and use at your own risk.

Rift: First Expansion, Storm Legion, coming soon

The first and highly anticipated expansion for Rift, Storm Legion, has been scheduled to release on November 13th! What’s interesting about the expansion is that apparently development started on it before the initial launch of the game last year.  This … Continued

Max 1-400 Cooking Quick Strategy

Having maximum Cooking skill in Guild Wars 2 is a huge bonus. Also, you will gain quite a bit of XP along the way, which is why you should max out your cooking skill before you reach level 80 in GW2. Follow this guide and you can have 400 Cooking Skill in Guild Wars 2 in no time!

Pay for Your Game by Playing

Diablo 3 offers a unique way to literally earn your money back just by playing! Follow this great tip and you’ll play for free and possibly make a real-life profit off playing. Talk about a dream job.

How to Level Fast and Efficiently

Get the Most Out of Your Time Leveling in Diablo 3 There are a few steps you can do in order to maximize your time spent leveling in Diablo 3.  Some of these tactics can even be employed from the … Continued

Aion Dupes

Aion Dupes Aion Dupes may be the most sought after cheat in Aion.  An Aion Dupe allows the player to make a copy of anything from Kinah to a weapon and other valuable items.  Aion Dupes in the hands of … Continued

Easy Kills for Any Mob, No Damage Exploit

Why take damage when you can kill a Guild Wars 2 mob flawlessly with little to no danger? This GW2 exploit can be used on any mob in the game, allowing you to kill mobs with ease! Read on to learn about how to take no damage and kill any mob easily in Guild Wars 2!

Strategies & Tricks for Combat

Every Guild Wars 2 player, new and old, can benefit from knowing the game in and out. Even if you’re a veteran GW2 player, there may be some tips and tricks you may not know about. Read on for Tips and Tricks for Guild Wars 2!

Ultimate Spot to Farm the Best Items

In D3, at level 60 you are likely in the trade of farming legendary and rare items. Use this Diablo 3 guide to maximize your time spent at the best spot with the best possible chance to get the most ultimate items in the Diablo 3!

Complete Cooking Recipes

An awesome resource for every cooking recipe in Guild Wars 2! Get this great guide now and start leveling your cooking skill or reference it for rare recipes for your GW2 character!

Awesome Farming Spots Levels 50-60

Maximize your time with XP and loot at these locations in Guild Wars 2 for Levels 50-60. This simple guide includes screenshots to show exactly where you can farm these lucrative spots for both XP and great loot in GW2!

Fast Leveling Exploit for Mid 20s

Use this awesome Guild Wars 2 exploit to level very quickly in the early to late 20s! This GW2 cheat will have your character leveling very quickly than normal methods. Check out this awesome Guild Wars 2 leveling exploit now!

Diablo 3 Cheats D3

Diablo 3 Cheats D3 Diablo 3 Cheats are anything that helps a player get an advantage over others.  But here’s the key, Diablo 3 Cheats aren’t intended by the developers like in other games.  If you’re tired of spending hours … Continued

Aion Cheats & Aion Cheat

Aion Cheats An Aion Cheat is anything like a hack, dupe, exploit, bug or even more.  Basically, anything that can help you get the upper hand when using Aion Cheats.  If you’re tired of spending hours and hours leveling up, … Continued

See Unidentified Item Stats

You can sell an unidentified item in Diablo 3 for quite a bit of gold. But what if that item could have fetched more if you knew the stats? Well, it’s a gamble. Not anymore with this awesome tool, more like a hack, for diablo 3 that shows unidentified item stats!

Unique Mob Infinite Spawn for Tons of Loot

Using this Diablo 3 Exploit, you will be able to get tons of loot from the same D3 unique mob over and over! This cheat will literally flood the floor with awesome diablo 3 weapons, armor and gold.

Guild Wars 2 Leveling Map

Know exactly where to go, and where to level with a Guild Wars 2 Leveling world map! This helpful GW2 map will point you in the right direction and make sure you’re on the path to level 80 in Guild Wars 2!

First Guild Wars 2 Dupe

That’s right! The first Guild Wars 2 dupe has arrived at MMO Cheats Plus. Reserved for premium members, as all new GW2 dupes will be, this Guild Wars 2 dupe has to be taken advantage of right away before it’s patched soon!

Unlimited Gathering Nodes

Don’t spend your time running around looking for different supply nodes in Guild Wars 2! Save time and energy with this quick exploit.

Auction House Gold Making Trick

Work the Diablo 3 Auction House and make tons of gold! This trick will show you how to invest some gold but get lots of diablo 3 gold back all from the Auction house.

Very Quick Leveling Tip

Learn how to quickly level up with this awesome Guild Wars 2 Tip! You’ll be leveling fast in no time, and can start this tip as early as level 1. Grab this awesome guild wars 2 tip and don’t waste any more time to get to 80!

Amazingly Fast Solo Powerlevel 1-60 in Under 9 hours

Powerlevel any Diablo 3 character from level 1 to level 60 in under 9 hours with this amazingly fast guide! This guide is 100% legal and doesn’t involve any exploits or cheats, simply game mechanics! Want another level 60 D3 character or maybe your first level 60 if you’re new to Diablo 3? Follow this guide and in less than a day you’ll be at the top with a max level character!

All Levels XP Advanced Macro

Learn how to gain free, easy xp without hunting mobs using this more advanced Tera leveling macro. This version has an even less chance of detection but is just just as easy as it’s original.

Any Level Easy Macro XP

This video will show you step by step how to macro exp for any level in Tera! This unique method will allow you to peacefully macro your Tera character for huge amounts of xp. The included video shows you even shows you an easy macro program to use and how to setup the macro. Get your easy XP in Tera now!

Half Priced Potions

Don’t overpay for potions from NPCs when you can use this trick to get Half Priced Potions in Diablo 3! Save loads of your D3 gold and stock up on half priced health potions. This Diablo 3 trick works for every difficulty and the potion quality scales.

BAM Locations

Find every BAM (Big Ass Monster) in Tera with this guide. Use included maps to find locations and levels of a Tera BAM. Each zone will have a map with identified areas of the BAMs along with a key for easy reference.

Super Fast Power Leveling

Use this technique to powerlevel in Tera super fast. You can use this for any Tera character and start at a super low level. Why spend months on end reaching max level when you can powerlevel your way in under a week? This Tera powerleveling technique is considered both a cheat and a guide!

Upgrading Forums

Hello MMO Cheats Plus Members, This is a notice that we’re upgrading our forums!  The forums will now be more tightly integrated into the MMO Cheats Plus website’s platform allowing for easier posting for members. Thanks for your patience while … Continued

Farm 300k+ Gold per Hour

Farm over 300k golf in Diablo 3 in just an hour using this awesome method. When you need more gear and equipment in Diablo 3 you’ll need more gold. Follow this method and you’ll be on your way to easily farming over 300k gold in an hour or less.

Solo Powerleveling

Get awesome XP in Diablo 3 with this Powerleveling Guide! You can level more quickly with this guide which is why its referred to as “Powerleveling” in Diablo 3. This is not a cheat, so you can powerlevel your diablo 3 character using this guide as much as you want.

TERA Beta Signup

A lot of news from Tera recently, all which we’ll be covering soon along with a section dedicated to Tera guides, cheats, exploits, etc here at MMO Cheats Plus. But for now, let’s get down to the best thing before … Continued

Fast SWTOR Experience Points XP with Bugged Mobs

Bugged mobs in Star Wars: The Old Republic allow you to quickly gain XP because you can kill them more quickly without having to wait for them to respawn. The fasted experience points come from taking down a high level mob which we’ll show you in this cheat for SWTOR! This entry comes complete with a video and screenshots showing you first hand how this awesome, fast swtor xp cheat works. This xp exploit is for the Empire side and for the mid-twenties levels. Available for Premium members.

Get Easy Medals in SWTOR Warzones

Earn medals easy in Star Wars: The Old Republic Warzones with this awesome exploit! This SWTOR exploit can earn you more WZ medals easily allowing you to get more valor and warzone commendations. Check out this cheat and you’ll be on your way to more easy warzone medals!

Lineage II Now Free to Play

That’s right.  After nearly 10 years, Lineage 2 is now Free-to-Play.  Straight from NCSoft, all players can enjoy unblocked: Character creation Races Classes Skills Zones Bosses Quests Clans Crafting Warehouse Auction House Chat, Mail, Forums, Customer Support, etc This comes … Continued

AFK PvP WarZone (WZ)

Earn PVP points, XP and credits all while AFK with this new SWTOR Bot. Spend more time doing other things while you bot and not be left behind in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Max Affection with Companion for Free

Pulling from another popular exploit here on MMO Cheats Plus, you can max out your SWTOR companion’s affection meter for FREE using this great bug. Read more in detail inside, reserved for premium members only.

Level Companion Affection Fast

You can unlock quests and more with a higher affection rating with your companion. Find out how to increase companion affection faster with this easy-to-do cheat, available for all members, free and premium.

Aion Free to Play in February 2012

After two years in the western MMO market, Aion will adopt the Free-to-Play model in February of 2012!  What does this mean? Well, there will now be three different accounts, Starter, Veteran, and Gold-User, each with their incentive to play … Continued

Unlimited Dark Side or Light Side Points at Low Level Bug

Gain unlimited amounts of Light Side or Dark Side Points in SWTOR! This is our first exploit video for Star Wars the Old Republic and it’s a great cheat. Gain huge amounts of dark side or light side points with this exploit. This entry contains a detailed video and screenshots on the procedure, available only for Premium members!

Easy PVP XP Exploit

Our first exploit for Star Wars: The Old Republic comes in the form of a PVP XP exploit. You can gain quick experience with this SWTOR exploit and level up faster than your competition! It is good to know that already the game has a few problems up it’s sleeve and that even huge companies can’t iron out every bug.


MMORPG Bots and How they Work A bot in MMORPGs refers to programs which will basically control your character and perform predefined automated tasks.  MMORPG Bots can come with a variety of features, the two most commong being  a leveling … Continued

Duo Chura Twinblade of Lower Udas

Bring a Duo in to Lower Udas and dominate the bosses, specifically Chura Twinblade. Defeating Chura Twinblade is usually reserved for a full group in Aion, but we’ll show you how to take her down with just a duo. Realize better loot chances when its just you and a pal in Aion taking down Chura. You’ll never want to find a group for Lower Udas again.

MastrKraftr Crafting Bot

Staying competitive in Final Fantasy XIV and having a life… both don’t always happen. That’s when using a bot to advance your FF XIV character while you’re off doing other things helps! Introducing MastrKraftr, a FF XIV crafting bot by XIVTools. This Final Fantasy XIV crafting bot is very well made, virus free, and backed by a dedicated author.

Duo Anvilface in Lower Udas

Defeat the boss Anvilface of Lower Udas in the fantasy MMORPG Aion with just a duo. The secrets and keys to defeating this boss intended for a full group lie in this post and included video. Why fight Anvilface with a full group when you can take him on with your favorite Aion buddy? You’ll have a much better chance at loot drop rolls. Learn the method of how to duo Anvilface now and say goodbye to Aion loot ninjas.

MMO Cheats Plus 2.0 in Development

Better website, better community, awesome cheats.  We’re rolling out MMO Cheats Plus 2.0!  We’ll still continue to bring you awesome cheats, dupes, bugs, hacks and more but on an even better platform and layout for our members.  The whole site … Continued

Defeat Bergrisar in Udas with a Duo

Bergrisar is one of the several bosses in Udas in the awesome MMO Aion. While forming a full group and taking him down may be an easy feat, why not defeat Bergrisar with only a duo? Don’t worry about a stranger taking your drops, group up with an Aion friend and start Duo-ing in Udas with our featured Udas video guides!

Duo Debilkarim in Lower Udas

Lower Udas in Aion holds several bosses, one of them being the final boss, Debilkarim. Usually Lower Udas is done with a group for a chance at some great drops, but what about when you can’t put together a full team, or want a better chance at getting the drop? Join up with a friend and we’ll show you how to duo Debilkarim.

Quicker and Cheaper Skill Gain Trick

Skills in Ultima Online are time consuming and often expensive to max out. Generally skills are capped at 100, that is of course you use a powerscroll to increase the skill limit for that particular skill. Either way, the higher you are, the longer and more costly gains become. Use this awesome (and legal) trick to make skill gain easier, and cheaper in UO!

Get Perfect Stats on Retail Shards

Getting your stats, Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity, just how you want them is important in UO. Once you’re at the skill cap however, there’s a quick and easy way to get those perfect stats.

Decrease Latency and Lag in WoW, SWTOR, All MMORPGs

This wonderful script will reduce your network latency ( or simply, the lag or slowness you may experience while gaming ) significantly, allowing you to enjoy playing more and often even have advantages in PvP against other lagged or higher ping/latency players.

Create your own Private UO Shard

Have you ever wanted to create your own Ultima Online shard? Or put your creativity to test with creating your own custom map on a live server for people to play on? Well, you have to start somewhere, and this is where you should, hands down.

No Hit Farming at Tombs of Kings

Rake in money or train your skills, it’s all laid back with this cheat. The mobs literally can’t hit you! This cheat includes a screenshot for reference.

Quicker Gathering

Tired of people ninjaing your nodes? Or plummeting to your death after risking those last few seconds for that extra aether? Here’s a trick, accompanied by a video demonstration by Admin Falon, showing you how to solve this dilemma!

Mining Maps 1 – 450

This mining guide for WoW is a collection of visual routes in various regions in World of Warcraft. Whether you’re starting from 1, or picking it back up, you’ll find it easy to follow along with these well plotted out routes and be on your way to maxing out your mining skill in WoW. This guide provides game maps with drawn routes for both Horde and Alliance.

Aion Offsets –

Offsets, basically explained, are names for bytes of data that the server and game client send to each other. Using these offsets allows bot and script makers to fine tune or make a functional program.

Legal & Safe Enemy Radar

Is it a Aion Hack? No. Aion Cheat? No. Legal and helpful in PvP to either Elyos or Asmodians? Yes! Learn more about this helpful trick to give you an advantage in player combat. Complete with step by step screenshots!