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Is it a Aion Hack? No. Aion Cheat? No. Legal and helpful in PvP to either Elyos or Asmodians? Yes! Learn more about this helpful trick to give you an advantage in player combat. Complete with step by step screenshots!

One of the best tips and tricks you can use in Aion is the use of a chat box as an in-game, enemy radar.  The distance is reported to be around 70 meters, which leaves you well out of range of any attacks coming from an assault, or help you get the surprise on a nearby enemy.  This is not a bug or cheat, simply using in-game user interface features.

Adding a New Tab in the Aion User Interface

First, you must add a new chat tab.  Do so by clicking the little circle on the top left of the main chat box, then clicking add tab.

Aion Enemy Chat Radar - Image 1

Then, you must enter a name for the new tab.  Something like “Radar” or “Enemies” is recommended.

Aion Enemy Chat Radar - Image 2

Configuring the newly created tab

You must now select which channels the box will use.  We want to only use this as an enemy radar remember, to avoid any confusion.  Simply click on “Combat – Others” to expand the tree, then check the 5 options that start with “Enemy’s.”  From there, click on the color box beside each “Enemy’s” entry, and select a color.  It is your choice, just make sure you select something that pops out from the environment, meaning stay away from light blues, greens, grays, blacks, etc.  A nice bright red is most effective.

Now click on “Change” to save the tab.

Aion Chat Radar

Positioning the chat radar on your screen

Almost finished!  Now, click and hold on the newly created tab and drag it somewhere else on your screen.  I have a large monitor, so I prefer it to be all the way to the right, so that when it does pop up with actions, it doesn’t distract from the imminent PvP.  After you move it, you’ll notice it will disappear, if you are using the default chat display settings.  Once an enemy does an action, it will instantly alert you in the chat, or Radar, box.

Aion Enemy Alert Box

And that’s it!  Keep in mind this will only detect an enemy if they use an action, or if they take damage from something, etc.

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