Aion, WoW, Perfect World, Atlantica Online, and more – Nudity Patch (18+ only)Aion Hack

The title says it all. This patch will literally make player character models ( and possibly more ) appear nude. This is for players and members 18 years and older ONLY!

Visit this link at MMOSite.Com if you are over 18 Years of Age Only

Basically, you see player characters nude.  There have been some reports that this shows for all players and may not be only client side, so this would definitely be grounds for an account ban if caught.  So far, they seem to have patches for Star Wars Galaxies, Lineage 2, Champions Online, Allods Online, Aion, Perfect World, and Atlantica Online.

Remember, MMO Cheats Plus does not take any responsibility for your account, your actions, the usage of this patch, or any activity that violates the games Terms of Service\Usage.  Use at your own Risk!  We’re also not affiliated in anyway with, simply reporting this.

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