Duo Chura Twinblade of Lower UdasAion Guide

Bring a Duo in to Lower Udas and dominate the bosses, specifically Chura Twinblade. Defeating Chura Twinblade is usually reserved for a full group in Aion, but we'll show you how to take her down with just a duo. Realize better loot chances when its just you and a pal in Aion taking down Chura. You'll never want to find a group for Lower Udas again.

Defeating Chura with 2 Players

Defeating Chura with a duo is much like the other ones.  We highly recommend a cleric and sorcerer combo.

  • Have your Greater Running and Cast Speed scrolls up for the whole fight
  • Cleric needs to basically spam heal the sorc trying to stay clear of random aggro
  • At about 40% HP, Chura will target herself, shout a message and begin to cast “Signet Blast”.  Be 20+ meters away in order to avoid it or you may instantly die.
  • Should take between 4-8 minutes.

Video Guide on How to Duo Chura Twinblade

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