Duo Anvilface in Lower UdasAion Guide

Defeat the boss Anvilface of Lower Udas in the fantasy MMORPG Aion with just a duo. The secrets and keys to defeating this boss intended for a full group lie in this post and included video. Why fight Anvilface with a full group when you can take him on with your favorite Aion buddy? You'll have a much better chance at loot drop rolls. Learn the method of how to duo Anvilface now and say goodbye to Aion loot ninjas.

Duoing Anvilface

Like the other bosses of Lower Udas, Anvilface is recommended to be taken down by a Cleric and Sorcerer duo.  This is mainly because if you hit Anvilface with physical attacks, he’ll cause extreme damage with his normal attack in retaliation.

The Basics

  • To start out, have the sorc pull Anvilface into the open hallway
  • From there, simply DPS and heal the whole time, but only with magical attacks
  • When Anvilface preps his “Iron Maiden” ability, simply run through his legs to evade the attack as the Sorcerer
  • After Anvilface is past 50% HP, just dps and heal as he won’t use his AoE anymore

And there you have it.  The fight takes anywhere between 8-12 minutes.

Video Guide on How to Duo Anvilface in Aion

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