Aion Free to Play in February 2012

After two years in the western MMO market, Aion will adopt the Free-to-Play model in February of 2012!  What does this mean? Well, there will now be three different accounts, Starter, Veteran, and Gold-User, each with their incentive to play higher than the last.

Free to Play Aion Accounts

The ‘Starter’ Aion account will feature, or not, the following:

  • 2 Characters max
  • Whisper only with others in your friend list
  • No open world chat, only group, legion, alliance and union.
  • You can only receive items, not give
  • No private shops
  • Only view Trade Broker items, not buy or sell
  • Create, join, and chat with your legion, but not use a legion warehouse
  • 50 Essence gathererings a day
  • 5 Item extractings a day
  • Above normal instance cooldown times
  • Many other limitations in terms of items, exp, selling, etc

From there you can have your veteran account if you were a former Aion subscriber.  And now, for their money maker, the Gold-User, which basically allows full access to the game, and some perks that you didn’t have before such as increased AP gain.

We feel this is a good step for Aion.  Unfortunately, the game’s population has taken many hits in the last year, and even not too long after it’s release.  Also, other big titles also have adopted a version of the free-to-play model, such as Warhammer Online and World of Warcraft.  With adopting the latest trends a necessity to stay in the business, this transition will likely breathe more life into Aion and introduce a wave of players who have yet to spend time with it.

Aion at MMO Cheats Plus

This transition doesn’t mean any change for us here at MCP, nor our subscribers.  Likely, it will introduce more bugs and exploits which will be covered here when they are unveiled and submitted.  Have an Aion exploit to submit?  You might earn a free premium subscription to MMO Cheats Plus!

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