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mmo characters at a tavernWhy Choose MMO Cheats Plus over the Competition

There are other cheats sites out there, but we’re the best and here’s why:

More than just a MMO Forum

Why would you pay a high fee just for access to a forum to chat? MMO Cheats Plus features so much more, including a page dedicated to each cheat and entry, the ability for members to rate and vote on any entry, and comment.

Quality Presentation of Cheats

Most of the entries you’ll find on MMO Cheats Plus are facilitated with quality screenshots, videos, and sometimes both, to show you what must be done.  Other sites go for the easy-route and just let the members figure it out.

Dedicated Staff Members

The MMO Cheats Plus Staff are here to assist and deliver content to you, our members.  Their involvement is much greater than other cheat sites where you’ll hear nothing but “can anyone confirm this?” or “plus rep to you” from the admins.

Constantly Growing Community

At over 30,000 members, the MMO Cheats Plus community is growing DAILY, meaning more and more input and cheat submissions.

Low Premium Member Subscription Rates

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Offered at convenient monthly and yearly packages, our prices are much less than other “premium sites” while still offering a superior experience.

Quality Website

MMO Cheats Plus WebsiteWebsites from the 90s should stay there.  Not only will you enjoy our wonderfully crafted media that accompanies our entries, but also a great look website and interface.

We take pride in our website and the service we provide and take care of it for our members, not run an eye-sore!

Free Membership Option

Not ready for a Premium Membership?  Then sign up for a lifetime, free membership, allowing access to the Basic membership content and forums.  You can upgrade to Premium at any time!

High-End Servers

Our website is hosted on enterprise level, dedicated servers, with content served on a blazing fast Content Delivery Network all secured with a ridiculous amount of backups.  No database or slow connections here, we take care of our members’ experience, not neglect it.